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Our FAN-tastic Fans

We like to believe we have some of the best fans in the world! We love all of our listeners, and some of them reach out to let us know that they love us right back! Here's a collection of some of the fan works -- stories and artwork -- they've shared with us so far!

If you'd like to be featured as a FAN-tastic Fan, just tag us in what you're working on!

Simply Picturesque

Tales for All Time

We're not the only ones telling tales! Some of our listeners have created some... frankly INCREDIBLE fan-fiction! They've made us laugh, they've made us cry, we can't help but read them over and over! You can find them here:

Janus Descending


If You Build It

Some of our supporters are creators themselves! They write, paint, dance, sing, act, and generally make the work a much kinder, wilder, and more interesting, all around better place to be! Click on their names and check out some of their work below!

Kaitlin Medlin's Art -- Luna Stage Theatre -- Mary Cipriani-Pratt's stories -- Honey Roast Podcast -- Tides Audio Drama -- Phoenix Tears Productions -- Windfall Audio Drama -- Descent Into Midnight RPG -- Christina Knox -- Sam Hodgson -- Dani Twitch -- Lacey Buchda -- Chase -- Red. L -- Zach Hunt -- Abby Wilde -- Allan Cancinos -- Chris Magilton -- Jeff Van Dreason -- Jon Grilz -- Lisette Alvarez -- Martin Drew -- Taylor Anderson -- Erin Braxton -- Angel Acevedo -- Anne Baird

and Jess McDonald's ADORABLE puppy, Jayke!

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