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Ever wanted to create an audio drama of your own? Are you working on a creative project, but you need a little extra help, motivation, or just someone to bounce an idea or two off of?

Let's work together! Creator of No Such Thing Productions, Jordan Cobb is here with creative coaching sessions, designed to help you become the best, most fulfilled artistic version of yourself that you were born to be!


We are absolutely thrilled to announce the sequel limited series to Janus Descending...

Descendants, a 5-part science fiction/action epic, set in the world of Janus Descending. A nightmarish homecoming -- Three days after the wreckage of the Adamantine was found, crashed on the barren plains of the Rosseter Moon Colony, the remains of the missing ship were brought back to Aphelion Industries. But something has survived the crash, and now, it's beginning to spread. As the Gorgons begin their rampage to consume and multiply, Axel, Captain Rori, and the ARC Juno team must fight their way out of the quarantined facilities, and find a way to stay alive... but in doing so, they just might damn their world...


Set Sail for ADVENTURE!

We are thrilled to announce that Primordial Deep season one will be airing this Halloween, October 31st, 2020! Our trailer "The Call" is now available, and our prologue "Dead Water" will be available on October 25th wherever podcasts are streaming...

We're preparing to take our first intrepid steps into the expanded universe beyond Janus Descending... With our Cast and Crew ready to set sail, we're about to unveil a whole new adventure for you to explore!

Want to get in on the adventure before everyone else? Join us on Patreon during the month of October, and not only will you receive dozens of in-universe bonus stories and early access to episodes, but you'll also receive our Primordial Deep Launch Package: an EXCLUSIVE extra large sticker and magnet set, based on Primordial Deep!

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