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Title: Primordial Deep


What is it?

Primordial Deep is an ongoing, long form audio-drama podcast. Now, what on earth does all of that MEAN? When you think "audio drama podcast," what you're getting is essentially the same as a classic radio play, in the style of War of the Worlds or the original Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy -- a story being told through the power of voice and sound.

Primordial Deep is a science fiction adventure, with elements of horror (like Alien, Jurassic Park, or Sphere), set on a research station deep under the ocean. The first season comprises of seven full length episodes, approximately 45 minutes each, and takes place in the expanded universe of Janus Descending – though you do not need to have listened to one to understand the other. The story starts when a number of previously extinct prehistoric sea- creatures begin mysteriously reappearing in the waterways. Something is stirring out on the abyssal plains, and trapped 20,000 feet below the surface, one team of explorers must face the phenomena and uncover the mysteries of the reawakened ancients of the deep – or die trying.

Where can I find it?

Primordial Deep will be streaming on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, GooglePlay, Spotify, Luminary, RadioPublic and wherever else you find your favorite podcasts, October 31st, 2020. Or, you can find listening links on our website at, or subscribe directly to our RSS feed on LibSyn, at​ .


When are episodes released?

Episodes will be released one at a time on a (mostly) bi-weekly basis. You can find our full (proposed) schedule below!


Prologue: "Dead Water" – October 25, 2020
Episode One: “Tiamat” – October 31, 2020
Episode Two: “The Goddess Claw” – November 14, 2020
Bonus Thanksgiving Special: “Her Castle Below the Sand” – November 26, 2020
Episode Three: “Forest of Tooth and Bone” – December 25, 2020

Episode Four: “Serpentine Rains” – January 9, 2021
Episode Five: “Days of Night” – January 23, 2021
Episode Six: “All That Glitters” – February 14, 2021
Episode Seven: “Crocodile Tears” – February 28, 2021
Epilogue: "The Personal Touch" – March 7, 2021




Primordial Deep is science fiction action/thriller, set in the expanded universe of Janus Descending. When a long extinct sea creature washes up on the shores of Coney Island, marine biologist Dr. Marella Morgan is contacted by a secret organization to investigate the origins of the creature’s sudden and unnatural resurgence. Soon, she and a team of explorers find themselves living on the research station The Tiamat, traveling along the abyssal plains as they search for answers far below the waves. But there are dangers in these ancient waters. Reawakened prehistoric monsters are rising from the deep -- jaws wide and waiting, and in the darkness, something is stirring.





Nadine Amami (Viola & Sirena Halcyon) is dry, English humour personified. Currently you can find her deep in Western Australia, video editing by day and corralling dropbears and hoopsnakes by night. When she’s not wishing she was at the beach you can find her in Station to Station (Nelly Cochrane), Tides (Marian Braunstein), and Space Ranger 421 (Mathias).


Daryl Banner (Composer) is a full-time author and composer who graduated magna cum laude from the University of Houston Honors College with a degree in both Theatre and Psychology. During his time in college, he wrote, composed, and produced a musical under Tony Award-winning musical and Theatre producer Stuart Ostrow, as well as two original plays produced under the mentorship of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lanford Wilson. He toured briefly with an original musical Country Gravy & Other Obsessions in which he wrote and performed two original songs, as well as accompaniments for the show. He composes companion soundtracks to the book series he writes, remixes and arranges music for fun, and also has scored various game soundtracks in the indie gaming industry. He has recently worked with Jordan Cobb as the composer for her epic audio drama series "Here Be Dragons,” “Janus Descending,” and “Primordial Deep.” You can find out more about Daryl and listen to his work at and

Jordan Cobb (Dr. Marella Morgan, Creator, Producer & Director) is a New York City based actress and writer, and a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. A fan of radio plays and books on tape from the time she could walk and talk, Jordan made her first forays into the world of podcasting by creating and performing in the high seas adventure audio drama Here Be Dragons, and the science fiction horror story Janus Descending. Now, her credits have grown to include popular shows like Marsfall (Erin Donner), We Fix Space Junk (Princess Flora), 1994 (Carrie Bird), Mythos (Gracie Hart) and L I M B O (Rani). On stage, her recent credits include The Merry Wives of Windsor, Pride and Prejudice, The Other Other Woman; a new French farce, The Merry Widows of Windsor, On This Mountain, Henry VI Parts 1, 2 & 3, and Maid Marian in Robin Hood. You can find her on Twitter (@inkphemeral) or visit her website at

Chelsea Geter (Cover Artist) is a freelance artist/illustrator and graphic designer. Illustrating is one of her biggest passions and she loves brightening peoples day with their work! Thus so, Chelsea spends quite a lot of time honing skills on the clock and off for the benefit of herself and others. You can find more of her work on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Instagram and support her
on Patreon.


Kevin K. Gomez (Kiran Flint) is an actor, improviser, and denizen of Chicago. From stage roles including King Claudius in Hamlet, interactive projects including Bai Li in Overload and Fedir in Winds of Change, as well as animation including voices in March Comes in Like a Lion and Beyblade Burst Turbo, Kevin seems to be having lots of fun along the way. Kevin is also an avid Shiba Inu enthusiast and follows around twenty or so on Instagram alone.


Giancarlo Herrera (Luca & Aden "Spinner" Davit) is an actor you may have seen, heard, or otherwise experienced in some capacity. Presently, you can hear him on Caravan (Argeaux), see him live in Pirate’s Voyage (Calico Jack), or on screen in the upcoming film The Cannibal Killer (Jeffrey Dahmer). To stay up to date with what he’s working on, or just to chat, follow him at @Gianster98 or check out


Jesse Inocalla (Captain Clarion Loire) is a Filipino-Canadian voiceover artist and actor. Choice credits include The Dragon Prince, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and B-Daman: Fireblast.


Eamonn Leighton (Scientist & Dr. Destan Seychelles) 's formal training as a stage actor began in Australia in 2011, but only relatively recently has he branched into voiceover. With a handful of voiceover projects under his belt, Eamonn is excited to lend his voice to his first audio drama, Primordial Deep.


Sam B. Nguyen (Cop 2 & Dabria Oswin) If one were to mix an amalgam of papers, microphones, and an abundance of coffee, the resulting solution would likely resemble the vague form of Sam Nguyen. Sam is a singer, voice actor, and academic based in San Diego, California. An avid listener of podcasts and audio dramas, there are few greater joys in Sam’s life than lending his voice to writers and directors.


Bob Raymonda (Adam Harkin & D.O.C.) is the co-founder of the podcast production company Rogue Dialogue, which released its first show, the science-fiction audio drama Windfall, in February of 2019. While he's primarily been a writer/director, he's extremely excited to join the world of Primordial Deep as D.O.C.! Learn more at:


Regina Russel (Lieutenant Commander Talise Asherah) is a New York based actress, writer and director. Originally hailing from the Bronx and a graduate of Cornell University (B.A. Theatre Arts) and East 15 Acting School in London (M.F.A Acting), Regina's favorite recent roles include: Trainee: Brimstone Valley Mall, Elaine the Lady of Shallot: The Table Round and The Siege Perilous, Exeter: Occupy: Harry Henry V, Persephone: The Love and Death Trilogy, Hero: Much Ado About Nothing, and Nedriss Narr: Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. Upcoming Appearances include: LCDR. Talise Asherah, Primordial Deep, Lysistrata, Lysistrata.


Josh Rubino (Dr. Collin Gharial and Dr. Fabian Buller) is a Brooklyn based voice actor who strives to play everyone you love to hate. In addition to voicing the misunderstood and enthusiastic Drs. Gharial and Buller, he can be heard playing Lord Baal in Caravan, Captain Root in Windfall, and (for a change of pace) lead protagonist Liam Alden in Valence.


Julia Schifini (Lorelei Oswin & Sound Editor) is a writer, historian, voice actor, and lover of all fancy foods. She is the co-host and producer of Spirits, a boozy dive into myths and legends. She loves world-building, professional wrestling, fancy cheese, and all things creepy and cool. You can hear her on other shows such as Tides, What's the Frequency, 1994, and Greater Boston.

Maddy Searle (Cop 1 & Atalanta) is a writer, voice actor audio producer and editor. She studied for a Radio MA at Goldsmiths, University of London, and was one of four finalists in Audible’s Audio Drama Production Competition 2019. She is the creator of The Prickwillow Papers, a fantasy comedy audio drama from Snazzy Tapir Productions. She is also the lead editor of Stellar Firma, an improvised comedy sci-fi podcast from Rusty Quill.

Jes Washington (Nurse, Rowan Gilroy, Tiamat Computer & Ursula Syntyche) is a New York City based actress; born and raised in Memphis, TN. She has a true love for storytelling. She is a recent 2020 MFA grad from the Actors Studio Drama School in New York City. Voice Over credits: Isabelle Powell in Greater Boston, receiving a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Audio Drama, Lillian in What’s the Frequency.

Zach Valenti (Clay Radcliff) is an actor, writer, and producer from New York City. He’s best known as the lead actor and co-executive producer for Wolf 359. He’s also voiced characters on such audio fiction podcasts as The Bright Sessions, Our Fair City, The Once and Future Nerd, Taking Initiative, and Under Pressure. He is also the third co-host on No Bad Ideas. Zach’s been published in The Wall Street Journal, Salon, and New York Daily News.

Lindsay Zana (Reva & Matira "Matti" Coburn) is an Actor, singer and Shakespeare enthusiast, originally from a tiny town in the Midwest, now living in Los Angeles. You can hear her on podcasts like Arden, The Insomnia Project, Crit Squad and more. When she’s not escaping deep sea creatures, she’s usually listening to podcasts, cuddling her pup Winston or playing D&D.


At this time, Primordial Deep has not received any press coverage.




No Such Thing Productions is dedicated to making stories as accessible for everyone to enjoy. Full transcripts of Primordial Deep will be available 24 hours after the release of each new episode. They will be posted, for free, on our website, -- or you can request a copy by emailing us at Please note, these scripts are copyrighted.



If you would like to make a donation, you can support our work at Or, for a one-time contribution, you can donate to Jordan's Ko-Fi at All donations go to paying our cast and crew, and maintenance of our shows (paying for our website, RSS feed, etc.). Your support enables us to continue to create and share new stories, and to ensure that the stories we have already built will be around for others to enjoy in the future.




Point of Contact: Jordan Cobb

Twitter: @PrimordialDeep OR @NoSuchThingADs




Rating: Explicit

Content Warning: Primordial Deep is a science fiction adventure thriller with elements of horror that is aimed at a mature audience, and as such, may contain material that is upsetting or triggering for certain people. This audio drama includes harsh language, sexual jokes and situations, moments of high suspense/terror, body horror/gore (characters committing self mutilation/experimentation, nonconsensual scientific experimentation on others), animal attacks, character experiencing trauma-induced psychological breakdowns, moments of extreme physical violence, character death, conversations about death, conversations about race, and honest to god prehistoric monsters. Content warnings will be attached in the show notes of every episode, and episodes that are expected to be particularly triggering will also include a verbal warning before the opening.



At this time, listening statistics are not available for Primordial Deep.


Our cover/promotional art was created by No Such Thing Production’s official artist Chelsea Geter. You can support her work by following her on Patreon at, and on DeviantArt, Tumblr and Instagram.

Feel free to pull any promotional art from our website,, or email Jordan.

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A full copy of our Press Kit is available for download by clicking this button! 

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