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No Such Thing Productions is an independent production company, dedicated to creating and sharing new works of Audio Drama fiction, and the development of strange and beautiful new worlds through the power of storytelling. We are a small, but dedicated team of artists, working remotely from all corners of the globe, in order to develop stories that resonate with our audiences and bring us all a little closer together. Founded in 2018 by actress and writer Jordan Cobb, No Such Thing Productions primarily develops dramatic works of science-fiction and adventure, that aim to explore the greater mysteries of the world around us and what it truly means to be human.


We at No Such Thing Productions seek to tell stories that explore the full depth and breadth of the human experience, with the hope that our stories will plant a seed in our listeners, whereby they seek to explore the beauty and mysteries of their own world, and create worlds of their own. We aim to create stories that make YOU want to create stories.

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"No Such Thing Audio Drama Productions was created as a way for me to continue to develop and explore all horizons of my work as a writer and an actor. There are thousands of new vistas opening up every day, and billions of stories waiting to be told. No Such Thing has been, for me, a way to seek out the new, the dark, the strange, beautiful and unusual, so that I can put it to paper and share those stories with all of you."

Jordan Cobb, Creator

Created 2018

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